Medusa’s Disco: The misfit puzzle piece…


Medusa’s Disco conjures the conductor and lays down the track for their high-speed train roll through a realm of odd, yet familiar, feelings, creatures, and catastrophes. Wynton Huddle and Hunter Root harmoniously guide listeners through their lyric’s careful images while simultaneously shredding guitar. Together with Alex Aument (drums) and Justin Wohlfeil (bass), Medusa’s breaks heavy soundwaves with a medley of rock styles: funk, progressive, surf…  

To lead us through these strange dimensions, Huddle dons horned headpieces and uses a megaphone to command the crowd: a tactic learned from an inspiration of his, the Butthole Surfers. Root’s long blonde curls curtains across his face to leave an eerie distance between himself and the crowd during high-paced play. These theatrics give Medusa’s Disco an aesthetic to match their utterly unique sound—an exemplified model of organically organized chaos. Medusa’s Disco’s stage presence isn’t a gimmick, but rather a fearlessly, ferociously raw showcase of their world.

Medusa's Disco has become the misfit puzzle piece of the local festival landscape. Tumbling the piece alone in your hand, it’s not certain where exactly they fit, but once pressed into the picture, it’s clear there is a space carved out just for them.

As nonsensical as their sideshow theatrics may be, the content of their tracks is both gripping and relatable. Undoubtedly veering down a darker path in both their heavier sound and lyric content, Medusa's Disco drags their fans somewhere inward. Sometimes it’s a little scary, but they’re there, sitting in those shadows with you.

“One of my favorite things about the band isn’t just the frenzy of energy,” event photographer Karl McWherter explained. “It is that they have songs, well written, distinctly sounding, songs. They have a way of getting into your head like an earworm, and yet not in the way that some pop drivel can kill interest in just a few plays. It’s these songs that really make them stand out for me. The fans know them, sing them, feel them”

Togetherness: It’s a warm, universal feeling for fans both old and new. Go to one of their shows and it’s quickly made apparent that Medusa’s following contains a bond as close as blood.  

"Music is a ventilation sort of thing, [it helps to] get some stuff out of your system. Medusa’s Disco—the song itself—is the perfect channeling of that exact feeling. To confront the turmoil, and get it out in a healthy and positive way” Huddle said.  

Then you get it out, however you need—singing, screaming, wild dance—in a space that is safe, sacred, and surrounded by love. This is what has brought us to this scene and keeps us captivated enough to call it home. Medusa’s Disco may be that cousin that’s into some weird shit, but they’re family, and they make this train ride a hell of a lot more interesting.  

Sarah Gittleman - NEPAudio


Vocals, Guitar, Sitar / Wynton Huddle
Vocals, Guitar / Hunter Root
Bass / Justin Wohlfeil
Drums / Alex Aument